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Mixity is supporting the new season of Diversity Secrets Podcast !

Diversity Secrets Podcast listeners get a 2-months free-trial of the Mixity 360 platform for assessing, managing, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace!


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Mixity 360 DEI : the first digital all in one HR platform for assessing, managing and promoting DE&I in businesses of all lines and sizes, as well as schools, communities, and nonprofit organizations. 


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The all in one platform will also deliver customized recommendations and help you to set goals and take action to launch or develop your D&I policy, with hands-on support every step of the way with their dedicated experts. 

With our exclusive offer for 2 months free access to Mixity,  assess your DE&I footprint, define clear metrics and KPIs, and benefit from customized recommendations and hands-on support from our team of dedicated experts.

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If you’re looking to assess where you stand and where to head next for #DEI in your organization with concrete Kpis and actions plans